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Working with Employers: Changing Minds and Changing Lives through Disability Inclusion

Employment professionals, leaders, advocates, and jobseekers have a shared mission based on the belief that people with disabilities can and should work, and bring talent, perspective, and innovation to the workforce. As a former HR Professional, now working nationally with Fortune 500 companies as a disability inclusion consultant, Kris has seen the common disconnects, misperceptions, and conflicting priorities that keep us from achieving our mission.

The Disability Civil Rights Movement: From No Pity to Me Too

Joe Shapiro, an award winning journalist, has been a witness to the disability rights movement, chronicled some of its most dramatic moments, and written about its biggest heroes. He’s an investigative reporter for NPR and the author of a “classic” book on disability history, NO PITY: People with Disabilities Forge a New Civil Rights Movement. In this session, Joe Shapiro will discuss the origins of the disability civil rights movement and how people with disabilities and their families advocated for change – and how system evolution helped all Americans, especially as we age.

Nurtured Heart Approach

Nurtured Heart Approach turns “upside down” the typical communication patterns many of us fall into, and proposes concrete strategies for calling forth the greatness in human beings, particularly children who may have been labeled by others as “difficult ”. New Jersey’s System of care is adopting this cultural change. Please come and learn about this dynamic new way of communicating with your “difficult or intense” child. Let your child see himself in a new positive light of greatness. Try a new approach and catch success, let you and your child develop an unshakable


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