As members of the community, you can access a range of general services including community health, sports and recreation, employment and maternal and child healthcare services.

You can request disability supports if:

  • You have an intellectual, physical, sensory or neurological disability or an acquired brain injury
  • The disability impacts your mobility, communication, self-care or self-management
  • Your support request meets specific requirements related to the service you are seeking.

“Just as no two faces are alike, so are no two minds alike.”

B. Barakhot 58a

BJAA Support Services

The BJAA offers an array of support services in partnership with the agencies of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. These include:

  • Clinic: Small informal group sessions designed to assist families with topics such as the IEP, IFSP and SSI.
  • Parent-to-Parent Network: A network designed to match families with similar concerns and circumstances to offer guidance and support.
  • Support Programs: Classes led by social workers to discuss specific challenges such as behavior, sexuality and family dynamics.
  • Workshops: One-time information sessions led by a qualified facilitator on topics like guardianship, living trusts and higher education.

Jewish Community Services also offers a variety of supportive services for individuals and families. These include counseling, mental health services, parent support services, care/case management, advocacy, assistance in obtaining financial resources and benefits and info/referral, residential and support services, a full spectrum of employment assistance, as well as a pro bono legal clinic.

Americans Live With an Autism Spectrum Disorder
of Children Have Been Diagnosed with a Developmental Disability