A home of one’s own, either rented or owned, is the cornerstone of independence for any individual. Many people with disabilities face tremendous difficulties in getting and keeping adequate housing. They face obstacles like discrimination, inaccessible construction and unaffordable housing. There are many government supports for home ownership and rental housing to help you find a desired living arrangement.

Housing will probably be your largest monthly expenditure. Prior to living independently, one should develop a monthly budget that calculates income and expenses for housing, utilities, transportation, et cetera.

“Just as no two faces are alike, so are no two minds alike.”

B. Barakhot 58a

Maryland/Baltimore Resources

For people with disabilities in Jewish Baltimore, it can be difficult to find affordable housing. Here are a few options:

Jewish Community Services (JCS) provides residential services in nine professionally-staffed homes – Alternative Living Units (ALUs) – in Northwest Baltimore City/Baltimore County communities. Each ALU is home to three adults with developmental disabilities. In addition, the Jewish Community Services Supported Living Program helps people with disabilities develop life skills to enable them to live independently.

Comprehensive Housing Assistance, Inc. (CHAI) develops housing for people with disabilities and receives referrals from Jewish Community Services (JCS) and Prologue. This partnership allows residents the flexibility to live independently and affordably. If you need affordable housing and you have a disability, contact JCS or Prologue.

If you are an adult with a disability who would like assistance with locating housing, contact CHAI or JCS.

If you are an adult with a disability and need modifications to your home so that you can live more independently, please contact CHAI.

The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) has created a housing resources list to better assist individuals with developmental disabilities to locate housing and residential services.

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