The Matzah Factory


The story of Pesach comes alive with this exciting and experiential program!

Join Moshe, Paroh and other characters with a live-action show about the the Exodus from Egypt and the ten plagues. The burning bush, throngs of frogs, and huge hail take on a whole new meaning as the children witness the madness in real-time.

After the show, experience a hands-on matzah making/baking factory! Collect kernels from stalks of what, learn the winnowing process, grind wheat into flour, make the dough, roll it and hold and finally... bake it!

There's no time to waste! Spaces are limted for this incredible Matzah Factory workshop! Register now! Choose from three sessions:


$10 per person

Contact Shira Heideman | 410.500.5907 |

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Location Name: 
Weinberg Park Heights Jewish Community Center
Location Address: 
5700 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215
Contact Name: 
Shira Heideman
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Event Date: 
Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 2:00pm to 5:30pm